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Varicose, Spider Vein Removal and Reduction by Laser

As the body ages and a lifetime of downward pressure on the circulatory system, superficial veins and capillaries can appear closer to the skin surface, and often appear twisted — our before and after photo gallery offers some examples.

Commonly known as "spider" veins or "varicose" veins, these enlarged, visible veins can appear as unsightly blue "bundles" of veins, and may exhibit a bruised appearance. Spider or varicose veins are most commonly treated on the calves, ankles, feet, and regions of the thighs.

As many as 25% of Americans have visible spider veins, but a cosmetic laser procedure can reduce or eliminate these bundles of varicose patterns in a non-surgical, outpatient therapy program. The procedures are almost easier done than said — endovenous laser ablation and radio frequency (RF) ablation are among options that may fit your needs for spider vein removal.

If you have varicose veins and would like to learn more about cosmetic laser treatment options, please schedule a free consultation for an expert opinion.
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