Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons
Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons

About Us

People who have devoted a very large part of their practice to Cosmetic Laser Surgery founded IACLS Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons.

In India, cosmetic laser practice started around 1999 mainly in the private sector. Initially it was centered on Laser Epilation. Though Laser Hair removal still stands as the backbone of the laser practice in India, other laser technologies are fast establishing themselves. The kind of consistent results provided by permanent hair reduction and the social awareness created for its marketing has put lasers in the forefront of promising medical technologies in the minds of medicos as well as lay people. It is not far away from now when Cosmetic Laser Surgery will emerge as a specialty by itself.

Today laser technology is available in most of the cities & towns in India either at an Institute level or in a private medical center run by individuals. The Indian skin varies in color from fair, wheatish to dark complexion and this poses a great challenge to the treating physician .The parameters provided by the Laser manufacturers or their Indian agents are not applicable in Indian context. Hence we wish to create a common platform at the National level to share their experiences in methodologies, results and complications so as to standardize the techniques to suit Indian skin types.

There are many institutes and also many young aspiring physicians who want to set up their own laser centre, but require guidance for the same. Keeping this in view IACLS has decided to dedicate itself solely to the field of Cosmetic Laser Surgery.

Following are some of its primary goals :

To bring all physicians using cosmetic laser systems, under one roof.

To provide highest quality of education on all facets of cosmetic laser surgery to the physicians, so as to make the use of lasers both safe as well as most effective.

To train medical and para medical staff to work at laser centers.

To provide clinical application facilities to the physicists and scientists working with lasers.

To invoke a multi disciplinary interactive environ which will provide a stimulus for basic as well as advanced research in lasers and photonics.

To provide research grants.

To dissipate cosmetic laser surgery knowledge by publishing journals and similar print or electronic material.

To keep members updated with the latest in trends, technologies and inventions in lasers.

Dr. Lakshyajit D. Dhami, - Founder President
(Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Satish S. Savant, - Founder Vice President

Dr. Uddhav A. Patil, - FounderHon. Secretary
(Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Girish K.Shah, - Founder Hon.Jt. Secretary

Dr. Pradip Pai, - Founder Hon. Treasurer
(Plastic Surgeon)

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