LASIK: Advances, Controversies, and Custom (Hardcover)
LASIK: Advances, Controversies, and Custom (Hardcover)
by Louis E. Probst (Author)
# Hardcover: 528 pages
# Publisher: Slack Incorporated; First edition (November 12, 2003)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1556426542
# ISBN-13: 978-1556426544
# Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches
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Book Description
You've mastered your LASIK technique, but still have questions. How will the technology evolve? What will happen with retail pricing? How will custom LASIK affect you? LASIK: Advances, Controversies, and Custom fulfills all of your needs and provides all the answers.

Louis Probst, MD has collaborated with a group of highly acclaimed experts and innovative surgeons to produce this dynamic resource. Dr. Probst ties together all this pertinent information about LASIK by interviewing the expert to bring out the salient points of the chapters. A "Questions from the Editor" feature is at the end of many chapters reinforcing the important concepts presented. Color illustrations are also included to assist readers' comprehension of the material.

The first section begins discussing both preoperative advancements, including pupil testing and the Artemis anterior segment ultrasound, and procedural innovations. Next, surgeons with a combined experience of over 100,000 LASIK procedures outline the pearls of their respective technique. This provides the reader with the opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences between surgeons. The section concludes with the presentation of current complex case and successful complication management techniques, advanced technology, and legal issues.

Many controversial areas of LASIK have also emerged in recent years. Pediatric LASIK, bilateral LASIK, price discounted LASIK are just a few of the topics integrated into this text. To completely understand these issues, subjects are debated by matching a proponent of each method against an adversary.

The last section details the latest systems and developments from each of the manufacturers of custom wavefront LASIK. Various platforms are analyzed in terms of the technology and results. This is an integral step in preparing refractive surgeons for the new era of custom LASIK.

LASIK: Advances, Controversies, and Custom combines three important topics making it a text that no refractive surgeon should be without.

Topics Include:
IOL Calculations After LASIK Intralase: Clinical Updates Pupil Testing and Its Clinical Significance The Role of Retail Pricing with LASIK: The Psychological Impact Corneal Inlays: Results and Complications Bioptics: Results and Personal Experience
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