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Fear is a common feeling for most people while they wait in the dentist�s office. If cleaning brushes, drills, and sanding heads leave you nauseous and stressed out, then maybe it�s time to think about laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry eliminates many of the common complaints of traditional dentistry. When it comes to surgery, laser dentistry offers several significant improvements. For tooth bleaching, a laser can speed up and enhance the action of the bleaching agents. Natural-looking fillings for cavities can be cured in minutes and patients can eat immediately afterwards. There are numerous benefits in laser dentistry.

Consult a dentist that offers laser techniques today to discuss your options. Depending on what sort of treatment you require, there should exist some form of laser dentistry that can address your needs.

Find dentists using lasers for cavity removal, teeth whitening and periodontal care; lasers can remove bacteria from periodontal pockets and can be effective for reshaping the gumline.

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FDA Studies
On May 7, 1997 FDA cleared the first laser system for treating tooth decay, an erbium YAG laser made by Premier Laser Systems.

Recently, American Dental Technologies received FDA clearance to market its laser for caries removal; it is not cleared to remove tooth enamel.

Studies conducted by the manufacturers showed that the laser is as safe and effective as a high-speed drill for removing dental decay and preparing a cavity for a filling.

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