Skin Care and Repair

Skin Care and Repair
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nti Aging Skin Care

Time and sun are tough on your skin. And troublesome skin conditions can set in at any age. But skin treatments have changed dramatically in recent years with high-tech solutions and new drug regimens available to control everything from age-related wrinkles to life-threatening cancers. This report explains the latest anti aging skin care techniques for treating age-related skin conditions. For those with cosmetic concerns, the latest laser treatments, fillers, and injectables are described. For people with health concerns including infection, rash, hair loss, shingles, and more, state of the art medical treatments and dry skin care are discussed.

Table of Contents:

* What is skin?
* Skin and the aging process
o Chronological aging
o Photoaging
o Other sources of skin damage
* Common skin conditions
o Dry skin
o Adult acne
o Rosacea
o Hair loss
o Excessive hair growth
o Actinic keratosis
o Shingles
o Herpes simplex
o Drug-resistant skin infections
o Varicose veins and spider veins
* Skin cancer
o Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma
o Melanoma
o Protecting your skin
+ Sun block, sunscreen, and more
+ Beyond sunscreen

* Lotions and potions
o Moisturizers
o Exfoliants
o Cosmeceuticals
o Retinoids
o Other skin care products
o What to avoid
* Skin rejuvenation procedures
o Doctor or aesthetician?
o Botox (botulinum toxin)
o Chemical peels
o Laser and plasma procedures
o LED photomodulation
o Microdermabrasion
o Photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light (IPL)
o Photodynamic Therapy
o Radiofrequency
o Soft-tissue augmentation: Fillers and implants
* Glossary
* Resource
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